The Palatine Projects Pathway To Happiness :)

In the middle of October, the Palatine Projects welcomed 12 young people from the Prince’s Trust Volunteers to Palatine. Their mission was to help us pull out all the buddleia, brambles and silver birch saplings and to begin to dig out a woodland path through our community garden area.

Thankfully, the weather was kind. It was lovely to see so many members of the community coming by to see what was going on and to offer encouragement. We even received a home-made cake to keep everyone’s energy levels up! We worked with the young people and project workers Charlie and Lily from Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service for 8 days. It was heavy work as the whole court is full of root systems which have been growing for the last decade. You need to watch the film below to see the extensive lopping, chopping and digging which went on down there. Since the film, the young people have transferred loads of earth that they’d dug to form the pathway and created a path slope which comes down from Palatine Avenue into the garden. It looks fab!

The City Council is now going to help us by coming and putting a more permanent surface down to define the space. They are hopeful that that work can be carried out in early December so we can invite the Prince’s Trust Volunteers back to see how the space is coming along. The Council have been very supportive over the last couple of weeks, supplying us with a range of tools, gloves and wheelbarrows! Thanks 🙂

Once the young people had finished the path clearance, they also planted bulbs around the garden which were funded by the Palatine Projects and the City Council. By spring we should be seeing some real colour in that garden.

A fortnight’s digging was hard work! It was exhausting! However, in these COVID days, it was also lovely to be working with other people in a safe outdoor space. We all got fitter and had something really good to show from the fruits of our work together.

If you would like to know when we are having more working parties at Palatine, sign up to our mailing list and get involved! Once you’ve broken through the pain barrier, it’s really good fun! Contact Us

If you want to find out more about the Prince’s Trust Volunteers, check out their website –

During the fortnight, Duncan Moore came over from the Beyond Radio Studio to interview the young people about the work they had been doing to improve the site. It went out during his lunchtime show – have a listen below. Thanks Duncan 🙂

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