When?   Sunday 11th August
2:30 – 4:30pm
Palatine top green of course!
Sign up?   email info@palatineprojects.co.uk to say that you’re coming

Until last summer, it had been a fair few years since anyone had seen bowling at Palatine. It’s therefore no surprise that many of the young people who play out at Palatine haven’t really got a clue what on earth the bowlers are doing (they just think that they are just throwing a load of bowls about)! It’s out of their memory or experience.

Junior Bowling at Palatine.

As luck would have it, help is at hand! Who knew that our very own Scotforth East Police and Community Support Officer David Owen is also a qualified bowling coach?! Therefore, worlds have collided and David has offered to run a junior bowling taster session for young people over the summer.

Thanks to funding from the Lancaster Fund and additional sponsorship from local sports shop Uniform and Leisurewear, we have purchased 4 sets of very fancy junior bowls. They are lighter and smaller thank ordinary bowls so easier to handle.

To sign up just send us your name and email to info@palatineprojects.co.uk and we’ll get back to confirm.

When the Palatine pavilion was staffed, young people were always hiring bowls and having a go on one of the bottom greens (when they were better kept!). If you live around Palatine, you should have a go at bowling at Palatine – it’s a rite of passage.

What are you waiting for? Get signed up… 🙂

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