Things are taking shape on the tennis courts at Palatine. On Thursday evening, a crack team of six painters and pruners turned up and spent a good couple of hours working on the site. They painted nearly all of the boards around the tennis courts and pruned the pyracantha which has been growing through and potentially damaging the fencing. By the time they had finished, the Sun had set and darkness had fallen!

On Friday morning, Lancaster City Council’s Cleansing Team came over and cleared away the great big pile of branches which had been lopped and chopped and there we were – Job done!

Little by little it’s all getting better and better.

We have now nearly painted our way back round to the beginning – so far it’s taken about four hours’ work which isn’t bad going.

If you would like to be part of the next working party (which will be arranged and announced at very short notice due to our constantly changing weather conditions), sign up to the mailing list.

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It’s all good ūüôā


Sunday 11th August…

…has been a busy day at Palatine!

In the morning, five community members came out and braved the elements to start work painting the boards around the tennis courts. ¬†It’s been a while since they were last painted, but in just over an hour we had given nearly half of them their first coat. ¬†The improvement is quite striking and immediate. ¬†Check the low-tech time-lapse below to see 26 seconds of some of the finest board painting you will ever see:

At the end of the hour, we retired to the Palatine hut for a well-earned cup of tea and a slice of Brenda’s rather lovely, orangey tray bake.

What Next?

We reckon that it will take another hour or so to cover the other boards.  Then the boards will need one more top coat and we shall have transformed another space at Palatine.  Nice work.

Get involved!

We’d like you to be part of the next couple of working parties, sign up to our website and we’ll drop you a line to let you know when we are planning on going back to have another crack at them. ¬†We shall pay close attention to the weather forecast and when we see a window of opportunity, we’ll set a date (therefore it might be short notice!).


During the afternoon, we opened the Palatine bowling green to a group of very keen young bowlers! ¬†The children learned that there’s more to bowling than meets the eye! ¬†They practised rolling the bowls, aiming at targets, and learned all about the bias of the bowls. ¬†They were very enthusiastic for the whole two hour session and couldn’t wait to run up the green to see if their bowl was closest to the jack! ¬†We finished the session with a mini tournament which was won in very fine fashion by Charlie who is now the reigning junior champion of Palatine (for now!).

What Next?

PCSO David Owen wasn’t able to run this week’s session because he was called over to cover ¬†Morecambe Carnival. ¬†However, he has offered to do another junior bowling session on Monday 19th August at 2:30pm. ¬†Tell your friends. ¬†Come along.

Wouldn’t it be good…

…if we could get local schools to get involved with bowling at Palatine? ¬†Getting schools involved would introduce more young people to bowling which in turn would help them to understand what it’s all about and would connect them with the space and facilities in their community. ¬†Have you got any contacts? ¬†Can you get involved? ¬†Come on then – get in touch.




When? Sunday 11th August
Time? 10:00 – 12:00
Where? Palatine of course!

On Sunday 11th August, we shall be getting together to paint the boards which surround the tennis courts at Palatine – and you are invited to come and join in.

Recently, a couple of our bowling team painted the veterans’ hut at the top of Palatine and it really smartened things up. We thought that giving the tennis boards a bit of a facelift will be another visual sign that good things are going on at Palatine! Also, painting the boards has the added benefit of extending the life of the boards too. ¬†Whilst we are painting, we can throw around other ideas for things to do at Palatine – after all, it’s a big back garden that belongs to all of us.

Where are the boards?
The boards surround the two tarmac courts at Palatine. They cover quite a big space, but if 100 of us turn up, we’ll probably be done by 10:30 ūüėČ

Palatine tennos court boards

Palatine tennis courts

So please, wear your painting clothes, bring a brush (if you can find one, if you can’t we’ll supply one) and let’s see if we can transform that space.

Did we say? There will be tea… and cake!!

See you there ūüôā



When?   Sunday 11th August
2:30 – 4:30pm
Palatine top green of course!
Sign up?¬† ¬†email to say that you’re coming

Until last summer, it had been a fair few years since anyone had seen bowling at Palatine. It’s therefore no surprise that many of the young people who play out at Palatine haven’t really got a clue what on earth the bowlers are doing (they just think that they are just throwing a load of bowls about)! It’s out of their memory or experience.

Junior Bowling at Palatine.

As luck would have it, help is at hand! Who knew that our very own Scotforth East Police and Community Support Officer David Owen is also a qualified bowling coach?! Therefore, worlds have collided and David has offered to run a junior bowling taster session for young people over the summer.

Thanks to funding from the Lancaster Fund and additional sponsorship from local sports shop Uniform and Leisurewear, we have purchased 4 sets of very fancy junior bowls. They are lighter and smaller thank ordinary bowls so easier to handle.

To sign up just send us your name and email to and we’ll get back to confirm.

When the Palatine pavilion was staffed, young people were always hiring bowls and having a go on one of the bottom greens (when they were better kept!). If you live around Palatine, you should have a go at bowling at Palatine – it’s a rite of passage.

What are you waiting for? Get signed up… ūüôā

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